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* [[media:linux-bkp.sh|linux-bkp.sh]]
* [[media:linux-bkp.sh|linux-bkp.sh]]
* [[openssl csr]] A script to generate CSRs with OpenSSL with or without SANs
==== Misc ====
* [[Recommended Packages|Packages that are recommended for installation]]
* [[Handbook64|64-bit custom Gentoo handbook]]

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[edit] Useful Documentation

[edit] Linux How-To Guides

[edit] Printers

[edit] Linux Configs

[edit] Gentoo configs for specific systems

[edit] Useful Scripts

A python script to remove characters illegal in windows recursively from a directory of your choosing

skins.be downloader script

  • Flac-repair.tar.gz (view | download) - Repair flac files corrupted by id3 tags being inserted at the beginning. Read description for details.

Query switches matching a mac address to a port via SNMP (Cisco, Dell, HP, H3c)
snmp mac2port

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